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Italian cosmetics & medical companies in the Gulf

We are pleased to inform you that CHEMIFARM has been selected, among the companies of excellence in their fields of activity, to represent the Made in Italy in the Italian Flair: Building and Furnishing's Italian Companies in the Gulf Region 2023/2024 of the UAE Chamber of Commerce.

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Contacts: Lorenza Pautasso - 48 Burj Gate, Downtown Dubai (UAE)
Tel.: +971 4 321 62 60 Email: Website:
Facebook: Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE

The importance of metrological traceability in analysis activities

Read the article on the november issue of the Osservatorio medico-scientifico (in Italian).

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Anniversary of 40 years of activity

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RMP N° 186 LAT N° 186

Our certifications guarantee the customer a high standard of quality and accurate and precise controls on both products and processes. Continuous audits by external bodies ensure the commitment to improve service and product quality. Customer satisfaction is always our main goal.

Quality Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

Since 1999 Chemifarm is ISO 9001 certified; the goals are to gain the highest level of customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the company. For these reasons we are committed, year by year, to confirm our certification and achieve new accreditations.

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Accredited Laboratory

Accreditation gives the calibration certificates and reference materials produced a high degree of reliability in terms of quality and safety of the goods and services subject to verification and
guarantees their recognition on international markets.

Meaning of accreditation: certification by Accredia, Single National Accreditation Body (Reg 765/2008) acting as guarantee above the parties for competence, independence and impartiality of calibration laboratories and manufacturers of reference materials, certifying compliance with the standards of products placed on the market; the accreditation attributes value and reliability to products and calibrations

Accredited Calibration Center

Our LAT Calibration Center N. 186 is accredited according to the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard for the calibration of the following instruments:

  • pH meters
  • Conductometers
  • Refractometers

The calibrations are performed according to the regulations and to the quality required by the standard. The result of the calibrations is documented with a specific Calibration Certificate 

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ilac-MRA Accredita RMP N° 186

Manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials

Our RMP Production Laboratory N. 186 is accredited according to the UNI CEI EN ISO 17034 standard for the production of the following reference materials:

  • pH Buffer solutions
  • Conductivity Solutions
  • °Brix
  • Refractive Index

These are homogeneous and stable materials with respect to specified properties suitable for the intended use in a measurement or examination of classification properties. These properties are documented with relative certificate. 

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Certifications and Accreditations

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
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RMP N° 186
Ilac-MRA Accredia Logo
LAT N° 186